She Plays Tennis is a Women’s Social Tennis Community created by Activly Sports to provide  casual play opportunities for women of all skill levels, from those new to tennis , to those with years of experience. We know women are often left out when it comes to sports an we want them to feel comfortable in an environement  where they  can  play with their friends and meet new women. We offer coaching and playing services to beginners intermediate and play sessions for advanced players . Whether you are looking for a multi week program or half day event or just an hour of fun, there is a programme that fits your schedule.   We have satellite playing communities in different areas spread across the city where you can enjoy ur expert coaching services or hit some balls. Currently you can sign up for coaching at Accra sports Stadium, Achimota and Atomic

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Question:1 What do i need to start as a beginner?

Answer: Once you register and make payment you are good to go. Just show up on the court with your determination and enjoy your session.


Question 2: How many sessions do i need before i can start playing?

Answer: Tennis is a practice sports, the more you play the better you become. For a beginner we encourage that you have a minimum of 30  to 40 sessions of coaching to grasps the fundamentals and techniques required to play as a beginner. We provide play opportunities after coaching which allows you to asses your performance and play with others . We also provide registration  into various clubs where you can join after your beginner sessions.


Question 3: Will a racquet be provided ?

Answer: Yes we provide racquets for beginners who do not have. We however encourage beginners who intend to continue playing to get their own racquets eventually for practice.


Question 4: In which areas are the She Plays Programmes.

Answer: Accra Sports Stadium, Macarthy Hill, Achimota, Atomic, Adabraka


Question 5: What are the session schedules for ?

Answer: Each court has its own schedule. Visit the registration page  below for the standard schedules.